1. Why do you have no trading platform?
    We provide primary brokerage services, trading technologies and work with a broad range of financial assets to corporate partners, taking care of your capital; we provide you with a ready-made financial product with a reasonable profitability.
  2. Is it possible to prolong cooperation after the end of the chosen period?
    Yes, of course, you can. The service for the products you have chosen will automatically be extended to the next date after the end unless you decide otherwise.
  3. Is it possible to change the investment portfolio before the end of the income period?
    Unfortunately, there is no such opportunity because the primary task is to provide you with the indicated income at the end of the financial period.
  4. In what currency will I receive income?
    The reference currency for all financial products is USD, including the crypto industry financial products.
  5. Can I exchange currency when withdrawing funds?
    Unfortunately, no, the company maintains an open and transparent policy of relations with the client; it also obeys strict rules from the side of regulators, but our specialists will certainly provide you with consulting support.
  6. Are there any restrictions on withdrawals per transaction?
    There are no restrictions. Our company operates in most jurisdictions and, therefore, can't restrict you in anything.
  7. What if I make a mistake while depositing/withdrawing funds?
    For you not to make mistakes when making depositing/withdrawing operations, our specialists will provide all kinds of support. But if it has already happened, we advise you to contact your manager or tech support.
  8. What if I want to terminate the contract before the end of the income period?
    We strongly advise not doing this, as you may not receive the expected financial balance on your account at the date of the relationship's termination. Also, relying on the product chosen, there may be additional financial expenses.
  9. Who will help me understand the reporting?
    A manager, who has been trained, accredited, and is experienced in providing the clients with the highest quality service, is assigned to each of them.
  10. How often and where can I contact with questions of interest to me?
    You can regularly contact your manager on questions of interest to you; your comfort is one of our main tasks.
  11. What if I go to the site and it doesn't open?
    Perhaps you or your IP address, the region of your location, have restricted access to foreign financial resources; use a VPN or contact the technical support department for help.
  12. What should I do with taxes?
    The company operates in the main financial jurisdictions but doesn't provide reports on the client's income. Under this, the payment of tax fees and their volume is fully the client's responsibility and their discretion.
  13. Is there a referral program?
    No. Given our approach to working with finance and customer focus, we don't need to use such a model. We also have no MLM networks, etc.