In 2001, we launched our first professional-grade online trading platform and provided access to 15,000 assets at once. In 2015, the number of traded assets reached 45,000, access to 32 leading exchanges, 2,600 ETFs, as well as bonds, including the list of emerging countries, was realized, but all that without taking into account the crypto industry and crypto exchanges.
Due to the technical and financial solutions implemented, our activity has moved from providing trading services to the end customer into partnership with more than 52 banks and 240 financial intermediaries. Today, we provide them with primary brokerage services, trading technologies, a broad range of financial assets, and work with 40 leading cryptocurrencies and ICO sites.


Now we keep reducing obstacles and developing an industry in which we have achieved significant results. Using all our experience and knowledge in the field of financial and regulatory technologies, as well as relying on one of the most developed partner bank networks, brokers, asset management companies, and financial intermediaries, we decided to create a new product in the industry. Today, all our best developments are available to professional partners from 80 countries, who, in turn, provide the best liquidity and market analysis products and can ensure stable income based on any asset class. And all this is available to our clients from one account. We have rid our clients of the forecasting burden, studying and choosing an asset in which they intend to invest their capital, and, at the same time, we deprive them of risk and fear of failure.
Such an approach today allows a client of any level to receive a stable income, and asset management companies, stock exchanges, and banks, in their turn, receive revenue from capital management amounting to USD 12 billion and commissions on more than 140,000 transactions per day.

We are the #1 company in the field of trading!

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Benefits of our investment team

  • Financial stability

    By opening an account with the company and choosing the product to your interest, you will get a stable partner who will ensure your financial well-being.

  • Information disclosure

    Our task is to provide financial results for all our clients. Respectively, we disclose all the norms of doing business; so, our commitment to the client's interests demonstrates the principle of transparency and proves that our intends fully coincide with yours.

  • Protecting your funds

    The most important task is to ensure the protection of your funds.We openly declare that when you transfer capital to your account within our company, your money is fully protected under the accepted compensation regulations in your jurisdiction.

  • Transparency

    Our customer-oriented approach is more than just a competitive product, which allows us to ensure a transparent coincidence of our company's interests with the interests of our customers and partners.

Tax liabilities

Tax liabilities

According to the current regulation, our company doesn't provide reporting on financial activities at the client's level, on their account balances, and received dividends. Therefore, on the current issue, it is better for you, as a client, to consult and act on the legislation of the region where you reside or to get initial advice from our specialists.
If the client wants to transfer information about the state of the account to the tax authorities, then the company is ready to do this in accordance with the Unified Tax Information Exchange Standard and provide:

  • Cash balance on the client's account
  • Amount of interest income and expense (if any)
  • Assets at the end of the year
  • Turnovers and transactions in all securities (stocks, bonds, and ETFs)
  • All payments on dividends and bonds
  • Assets in cryptocurrencies as of the date of the report requested (if any)

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